In Memory of Water In Memory of Water The Book Cover This is the cover of the standard and deluxe edition. 184862470 The label The letterpress printed label which is indented into the cloth cover of the edition. 184779388 The Solander Box & the slipcased version The Solander box is lined in a blue suedel. The slipcased version of the edition is lined in the same cloth. 184717211 The edition This photo shows the standard edition (here slipping from it's slipcase) and the full leather bound version with a corner of the broadsides. 184717313 Solander and Slipcase Shown to compare the sizes. The Solander version is larger as it contains the portfolio of broadsides in addition to a full leather bound book. 184717212 The Portfolio of Broadsides The portfolio contains the 6 broadsides and is included in the Solander box but can be purchased separately. 184717210 The Portfolio with the Full Leather Edition Another shot of the portfolio of broadsides with the full leather bound book in the background. 184717314 Presentation Copy The presentation copies are bound in full beautiful quality leather. The book sits in a Solander box with a portfolio of the broadsides. 184779392 The 'Rain' Engraving The 'Rain' engraving features the White House pub on the road from Rochdale to Halifax (red rose to white rose). 184717899 Evergreen Press Hilary Paynter, John Grice and myself at the Evergreen Press. 184779391 Evergreen Press An image from the press. 184779389 The author and publisher Simon Armitage and myself at the studio of artist Paul Wright. 184779387 Portion of portrait of Simon Armitage This is a small portion of a large portrait done by Paul Wright. 184779396